The fundamentals of

Digital Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing – SEM and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO Site Optimization

Search Engine Optimization; SEO

The overall organization of your website: how page titles, head tags, metadata, and descriptions are coded can significantly impact how well your website will rank organically in keyword searches on the Search Engine Results Page, (SERP). Let our Internet Marketing Experts evaluate your current website optimization techniques and suggest SEO and internet marketing strategies that may be more effective in relation to your industry’s competition.

Search Engine Marketing SEM Internet Marketing

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Let our Search Engine Marketing experts increase your Internet visibility. We can develop a strong linking structure through free business directory listings on Search Engines like Google My Business, dMOZ, (Open Directory), Yelp, and Social Media. We can also manage paid listings on relevant sites and industry-related directories. Other Internet strategies include sponsored ad campaigns or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with Search Engines designed to drive traffic to specific landing pages.
Relevant Website Content and Content Marketing

Relevant Website Content

Website content is critical to both search engines and web visitors. Search robots rely on web content, (text not graphics), to index a site. Editors rate content based on unique, relevant, and engaging content. You need compelling marketing copy that skillfully integrates keywords and phrases while at the same time makes the visitor want to get more information. It is important to have the online content reviewed by an Internet marketing expert.
Social Media Marketing Networking Sites

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking is fast becoming a low-cost and effective method of increasing your Internet visibility. Popular sites like Google Business Pages, Linked-in, FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networking sites can significantly increase your web traffic while providing a strong authoritative link back to your site. Industry-specific networks provide further opportunities to meet others that may be able to assist your growth or refer you to a business in their network.
Online Press Release Distribution

Online Press Release Distribution

Online press releases and articles with useful, relevant information on your industry not only add dynamic informative content to your website but also provide fodder for eZines and online PR sources. Having a link in the article back to your site on a specific topic on your site can help build a strong linking structure for your website and increase your Internet visibility. Need help writing your Press Release? Contact the PR Specialists at On Track Marketing.

Blogs Video Blogs and Influencer Marketing

Blogs, Video Blogs, Influencer Marketing

Build your “Digital Footprint” through regular blogging, video blogging on YouTube, Facebook, and Other Social Media and Promotional Campaigns. Answering Frequently Asked Questions, commenting on new industry developments or events that may impact your customers are great subject starters. Not only do they¬†demonstrate you are keeping up with new trends, but they can also portray you as an expert in your industry.

Email Marketing and Industry Specific Databases

Email Marketing; Industry Databases

On Track Marketing has access to up-to-date, opt-in e-mail lists in virtually every industry to allow you to efficiently target your market while staying within your budget. Email marketing is also a low-cost method to keep in touch with prospective customers until the sale is made. Information like new services and promotional sales are an effective way to keep Top of Mind. Let us design an email campaign strategy that will convert your prospects into loyal customers.

Website Analytics and UX User Experience Data

Website Analytics; UX User Experience

Without a doubt, the Internet provides the most measurable medium for your marketing strategies. Through various analytic tools, you can obtain critical insight into your visitors’ interactions with your website, measure campaign performance, evaluate the effectiveness of the site’s navigation and content, and more. On Track Marketing uses two major levels of insight in website analysis.

Integrated Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing Blurb

Integrated Online & Traditional Marketing

Let’s not forget the importance of traditional marketing. Advertising, PR, and promotional campaigns need to be integrated with your internet marketing program and drive traffic to specific targeted landing pages to measure campaign effectiveness. Branding and your marketing message must be consistent throughout all mediums to reap maximum website traffic and benefit. Not sure where to start? Contact On Track Marketing.