You’ve optimized your website, yet your site still doesn’t rank on SERP – Search Engine Result Pages

What can you do to get top search engine results?

Try this: Type in a keyword that someone might use to find your business and hit “GO!”

Where does your website fall in the search results? Is it even on the First Page? The Second Page? Do you really think anyone will continue to click to the Third, Fourth, or Fifth Page of search results to find you?

You need to be the First, Second or Third listing on Page One to be found and if you are not then a sponsored search engine ad campaign, (also known as Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns) may be just what you need to increase web traffic and make your website the marketing tool it should be.

Basically, sponsored search engine ad campaigns work like this …

You determine which key words you want your ad to show up on Search Engine Result Pages, (SERP). You then select the dollar amount you are willing to pay to have your ad show up, (Remember for the best results you’ll want to be the First, Second or Third Listing.) Then you determine the daily budget you want to spend. (There are other factors, like determining what regions you’ll want your ads to display and if you want them to display on relevant websites, and more.)

Then you create a compelling ad that will entice some one searching that keyword to click on your ad. If you have selected a number of key words than you will want your ad to be key word specific. Don’t use the same ad for all keywords. Special offers and discounts are very effective in these tough economic times.

You will also want to make sure to create separate landing pages for specific ad campaigns. The biggest mistake businesses make is to dump the interested visitor on the home page of your website where they have to look for the information your ad described. Landing pages also provide a method to measure the effectiveness of your search campaign.

Contact the experts at On Track Marketing to find out more about how sponsored ads can help increase your web traffic and boost your business’s bottom line.